Web tools and utilities.


A website status checker detects wheather your website is down or online

The SSL Checker tool can check if your website has SSl installed, and it can also verify that the SSL Certificate on your website is properly installed and trusted

DNS lookup is use to see the IP address and other information of your domain name (website name), this include the A record, AAAA Record, CNAME record, MX record, TXT record and NS (nameserver) Record.

WHOIS (pronounced as the phrase 'who is') is use to see your domain name information like, registered date, updated date, expiry date Registrar, Registrant and Nameservers.

IP lookup is use to get details about an IP address i.e Country, City, Postal code, Timezone, Latitude and Longtitude and more

Reverse IP lookup use to identify hostnames that have DNS (A) records associated with an IP address. So you input your IP Address and get the HostName

Domain IP record lookup is used to find the IP address of a domain, its status and other information such as location (i.e Country, city, Postal code and Timezone), logitude and latitude

Redirect checker is use to ensure that your pages are being redirected correctly. It can also help you troubleshoot any problems that you may be having with your redirects. Enter your website link and it will show you the redirection

IDN converter is use to convert domain names containing non-Latin characters (also called Internationalized Domain Names IDNs), into ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange). you can convert Punycode to text or text to punycode


Js minifier is use for removing all unnecessary characters from JavaScript source code without altering its functionality. This includes the removal of whitespace, comments, and semicolons, along with the use of shorter variable names and functions.

CSS minifier is use for removing unneeded code from CSS source files, with the goal of reducing file size without changing how the CSS file executes in the browser

HTML minifier is use to reduce the size of HTML files by removing unnecessary characters, spaces, line breaks, and comments without affecting the functionality or structure of the HTML document

A JSON validator is used to verify whether a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) document adheres to the syntax and structure defined by the JSON specification, ensuring its validity and correctness.

A password generator is a tool or program designed to create strong and random passwords that are difficult to guess or crack, enhancing the security of online accounts or systems.

A QR Code generator is an online software that allows users to create QR Codes by entering desired information. And download them as image

A User-Agent parser is used to extract information from the User-Agent string in an HTTP request header, helping with tasks such as browser compatibility, device detection, analytics, and security. Enter your User agent string and get the browsername and Operating System (OS) you are using

An MD5 generator is used to calculate and produce an MD5 hash value, commonly used for data integrity checks or storing hashed passwords. Enter a Password or string to convert it to MD5 hash value

A color converter is used to convert colors between different color models or representations, such as converting between RGB (Red Green Blue), HSL (Hue Saturation Lightness), or hexadecimal formats, enabling flexibility in color manipulation and compatibility across various systems or applications. Enter a color code in hex, or hexa or rgb or rgba or hsl or hsla and get the equivalent value in hex, hexa, rgb, rgba, hsl and hsla

A UTM builder is used to create UTM parameters, which are tags added to URLs for tracking and analytics purposes, allowing marketers to track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, identify traffic sources, and measure campaign performance. Enter the url and set the parameters and the a link that has those parameter in it.

A URL parser is used to break down and extract components from a URL, such as the protocol, domain, path, and query parameters. enter a url and get the scheme, host and path of the url entered

A UUID generator (Universally Unique Identifier generator) is a tool or algorithm that generates unique identifiers that are highly unlikely to collide with other identifiers, commonly used in various systems and applications to ensure uniqueness and avoid conflicts. This tool will generate a UUID for you


A Lorem ipsum generator is a tool that generates placeholder text (dummy text) in the form of Latin-like gibberish, commonly used in design and typesetting to simulate the appearance of real text without conveying any specific meaning. set the type (paragraphs, sentences or words) then set the number to generate

A text cleaner is a tool or software used to remove unwanted elements or formatting from text, such as extra spaces, line breaks, special characters, HTML tags, or other artifacts, resulting in a cleaner and more uniform text representation. paste your text and set the things you want to remove and the tool will remove it for you

A word density counter is a tool that calculates the frequency or occurrence of words within a given text or document, providing insights into the distribution and prominence of different words within the content. Paste your text and see how many times each of the words appear in the text and it's density (percentage)

A word counter is a tool or program used to count the number of words in a given text or document, providing a quick and accurate measurement of the total word count. Paste your text and see the number of words and letters in it.

A case converter is a tool or program used to convert a text in UPPERCASE or lowercase or Sentence case, or Capitalized Case. Enter or paste your text and choose how you want to convert it and it will convert.

A text to slug converter is a tool or function that converts a given text or string into a URL-friendly slug format. It removes spaces, special characters, and accents, and replaces them with hyphens or underscores to create a more readable and SEO-friendly URL.

A URL converter is a tool or program used to convert and modify URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) to different formats or representations, enabling the transformation of URLs for various purposes such as encoding special characters, decoding encoded URLs, or converting between relative and absolute URLs.

A Base64 converter is a tool or algorithm that encodes binary data or text into a Base64 format and vice versa. Base64 encoding is used to represent binary data or non-ASCII characters in a safe and ASCII-compatible format, often used in applications such as data transmission over text-based protocols (e.g., email attachments) or storing binary data in textual formats (e.g., within XML or JSON).

A binary converter is a tool or program used to convert data between binary (base-2) representation and other numeral systems, such as decimal (base-10), hexadecimal (base-16), or octal (base-8). It allows users to convert numbers, characters, or data between different binary-based formats for various purposes, including programming, networking, or digital systems.

A text replacer is a tool or program that replaces specific words, phrases, or patterns with alternative ones within a given text or document, facilitating search and replace operations.

A text reverser is a tool or program that reverses the order of characters in a given text or string, effectively flipping the text from back to front.

A number generator is a tool or algorithm used to generate random or sequential numbers within a specified range